Lammas/Lughnasadh and beach time! 

Hi again!
Here we are rapidly approaching the first harvest of the year, Lammas or Lughnasadh depending on personal preference, as the wheel turns again.

I been have pondering on what to do to mark the turning, it is considered a fire festival so the least I was planning was lighting a fire but I wanted to do more, thankfully a good friend reposted a blog post of his with suggestions for a solo ritual (you can find his blog post here) and I think I am going to go along these lines.

Today we were invied to lunch at my mother-in-laws house as I had asked her if I could attempt to air-layer her beautiful wisteria, if it works in about 9 or 10 months I can remove the chosen branch from her plant and I should have a small tree that is already mature enough to flower without me having to wait years for it to flower…patience not being one of my better qualities!

Anyway, we all went over, which needed doing as I have some demons/issues regarding visiting the house but I am getting better, lunch was rather scrummy and I have left a foil wrapped soil filled sausage shaped lump attached to one of the branches of her tree, both myself and the mother-in-law are quite intrigued to see if it works!

After lunch the plan was to take the dog to the beach and I was looking forward to this, wanted to get my feet in the sand and the sea. As we neared the beach I realised which one we were going to and a similar set of demons raised their feckin ugly heads, again these ones really, really needed facing!

It was fine, a lot better than I thought it was going to be as I was with my husband as well as my daughters and I drew strength from them (I am always grateful to them for helping me through wobbles)

It was bliss….squishing the sand between my toes, paddling in the sea-the water was surprising warm considering how overcast it was while we were there….I had such a warm, comfortable, easy and happy time, walking along with the girls looking for stones and seashells while my husband threw a ball for the dog into the sea and talked to his mum. 

It was good to connect to earth, sea and sky while the breeze cleared away the cobwebs and foggy/unpleasant thoughts. I feel lighter and cleansed and stronger for having put some issues behind me.

I was also awarded with some gifts from the sea for which I am extremely grateful.

Whatever your plans are for the upcoming turning point, I wish you a bountiful harvest and a blessed Lammas/Lughnasadh, x



Good afternoon fellow magickal and pagan types…hope you are well?

I have just been out with the dog for his afternoon donder (walk) before I go back to work and it is stunning beautiful out there, compared to the heavy clouds and rain of this morning, the sun is out there is blue sky and the clouds are fair skipping along as there is quite a strong wind!

Blue sky and fast clouds

Perfect for cleansing yourself with air…just stand there and let the wind blow all around you and through you taking any worries, stresses and strains away, always helped by a bit of sunshine on your face while it happens.  While enjoying the sun and the wind I found 2 feathers in the park, one a lovely small white feather and the other a magnificent, albeit slightly damaged long black feather heavily coloured with green and tipped with purple…stunning feather it is so that was definitely coming home with me and is now sat on the altar.  Yet another air element!

Once home I wanted to do another meditation to carry on with opening of my third eye, so I lit some Dragons Blood incense, as the living room window was open allowing for some more air movement, the spirals that the incense smoke made was quite fascinating…considering that you cannot see air, you can only see how it affects other things, watching the smoke spirals was very theraputic and yet again fell into the category of air…so it would seem that today would be a good day to work air magick/spells or just generally cleanse yourself with the stuff!

Now that I feel suitable ‘cleansed’, it is unfortunately time for me to go back to work, so I wish you well until we meet again, x