Bread…and be careful where your thoughts are!

Bread proving in tin.

Mmmm…the smell of home made bread really is quite divine isn’t it?

I have recently started making a loaf of bread a day for me and my family instead of buying shop bought bread.  It is working out more cost effective and I am getting a great deal of pleasure from making bread to feed my family knowing that there are not loads of hidden extras like preservatives in there.

Since starting my daily bread making, about maybe 3 weeks ago, each loaf has turned out lovely and tastes amazing – especially toasted with butter…yum yum yum!

Baked loaf.

The most popular so far is a mixture of seeded wholemeal flour and wholemeal flour, it makes for a lovely firm bread that slices perfectly when making sandwiches for the children’s packed lunches for school, although I have made a simple soda bread loaf and boy oh boy is that good!  (Tend to keep that one for me and the Mr!)

Fresh slice of the loaf.

Anyway…yesterday was a rubbish day!  Following a very long time spent at a yearly hospital check up, several unsuccessful attempts at getting a blood sample and not a lot to eat the entire day, I was hangry ( hungry and angry) and got very annoyed with an incident at my daughters school and ended up complaining to a teacher who promised me it would be sorted the following day…so when it came to making the bread that evening, I might not have been in the best frame of mind.

I wasn’t in the lovely calm place that is full of the warm nice feelings I get when I know I am making food for my family, I was in a good old nark and I took it out on the bread mix/kneading.  Well you know what they say about where your mind is at when making spells, about your intentions when working with magick, it became apparent that something wasn’t right with the bread dough as it didn’t rise very well after is first proving, I carried on a kneaded it again before putting it in its tin for its second prove before baking…it still didn’t rise, so I left it a bit longer, still no joy.  I was disappointed because this was my first fail and I had run out of flour so couldn’t make anymore, a bought in loaf would have to be got!

It was only this evening as I started to make another loaf (more supplies having been bought) that I realised all of my bad mood and angry thoughts had been put into the bread mix the day before, the dough was a big solid ball of snarly grumpyness…no wonder it didn’t rise or do anything, it just sat there!

So there you go, it doesn’t matter what magick  you are working, spells, potions, baking and kitchen magick, always be aware of where your thoughts are and what intentions you are putting into what you are creating….can you imagine what would have happened if we had eaten the bread = one proper grumpy family!


My first spell!

Hello again!

I am sat here, nice and warm and cosy, listening to the wind throw itself around outside, with candles lit and incense burning and it feels good…hope you are feeling good where you are too!

Now I know not all Pagans are Witches but I consider myself to be a witch, not to be confused with Wiccan, but getting into that discussion could take over this entire post so that can be explored at a later date if needed!

Anyway, I am digressing…what I am trying to say is that I conducted my first spell the other week.

Things are a bit tight when its the school holidays as I only get paid for the weeks I work, so i thought I would work a Money Spell, I didn’t ask for a lot, for untold wealth, I explained when working the spell that I only wanted a bit more, just to make things a little less ‘tight’.

Hand wash spell

I worked the Basil Hand-wash money spell.  I made my infusion of basil tea (which to my amusement my husband drank a cup of and said it was rather nice – he thought I had left him a post of loose leaf tea!)

I kept my tea in a bottle by the sink and several times a day I washed my hands with it and visualised whilst also reminding both the universe and myself that I just want a little bit more, not a lot!

Did it work?  In my opinion yes it did, in the last week I have had the opportunity to work two overtime jobs, this isnt normally possible as the jobs clash with looking after my kids (evenings usually), there is a third lined up…..I have also learnt how to make my own bread so I am now making a small loaf a day for my family which is more cost effective for us as well as being better for us as there are no artificial nasties in there, but again I can write about that in another post.

So in short, overtime is falling in my favour for once and I am saving us money by learning how to make my own bread, so yes my spell worked.  I have got rid of the remainder of the basil water and I have stopped working the spell and I am grateful.


Peace for Paris

My heart is heavy this morning reading of the awful atrocities that were been committed in Paris last night.  Those poor people who were going about their lives and were caught up in the senseless acts of violence, committed by people who think that they, in the name of their ‘religion’, have the right to tell others how to live and if you dont belong to said ‘religion’ then you dont deserve to live!

Now before anyone thinks I am jumping on the ‘bashing Islam’ bandwagon, I am not, I know numerous Muslims, some members of my family are Muslim (note I am not using the media’s favourite term ‘moderate’) and I know that this will sicken and sadden them too.  Sadly the ‘my religion is the only religion’, ‘my religion is the right religion’ cry has been the excuse for many many atrocities committed by humans on fellow humans for many many MANY years, be it Christian, Jew, Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu etc etc as victim AND as perpetrator!

We are all the same, we are all born, we will all die, we all bleed red when cut!  This is true no matter what your faith yet still things like this go on.

The increasing number of views being put out that this is what happens when you let ‘all those refugees’ into your country…well that is even more…..I cant even describe how that makes me feel.  These people who are risking everything to flee, yes FLEE their home country because it is too horrific and dangerous to stay, that making the potentially deadly journey is less dangerous than staying, to think that they would then take hostage and kill people in the place they are in to prove a point is beyond ridiculous!

I am now going to go and give my little girls a big hug, go tell someone you love that you love them, dont let these awful events and the awful people who revel in them win! x

Sound of Silence

Seed heads and blue sky.

Hello again, two posts in the same day…go me!

I went for a walk today, to the woods.  I wanted to go the other day but couldn’t because I had to wait in for a parcel (that didn’t arrive might I add but that is a different story!) and I felt bereft deep in my soul, very disappointed.  So today I got to put this right, I needed to spend time amongst the trees so I took the dog and off we went…it was bliss!

Fergus my walking buddy.

(Here is walking buddy!)

Sunlight in the woods.

How can this NOT be good for your soul?

Anyway, I walking along, through all the trees, marvelling at the way the vistas open up as the trees become more and more bare, you can see all the little details and new things now the leaves aren’t covering everything, like the way the low sun slants across the bark of a big Oak tree.

Sunlit oak bark

While walking along, I could feel all the tension slip out of my shoulders and my breathing become deeper and more relaxed,  I met another dog walker.  She stopped to talk and said to me that she hadn’t been to these woods in many a year and wasn’t it quiet?

It was only after we had parted ways I started thinking that the woods were not quiet…I could hear the wind blowing gently through the branches of the nearly bare trees, I could hear the soft rustle of the leaves as they fluttered to the ground and moved along in that giddy dance they do, I could hear the winter birds flitting from tree to bush and I could also hear a squirrel scold Fergus for disturbing it as it ran up a nearby tree, so no the woods were not quiet, I could hear Mother Nature lulling everything into a sleep for Winter…….because I have tuned my ear into her.

Where does this path in the trees lead?

New Moon

New Moon

Hello again!

Today is a New Moon!  Are you ready to manifest?

Its time to start afresh, ask the universe for help in something or make new plans!

Last new moon, I wrote out my list of things I needed/intended to achieve before this new moon, I needed to complete some crochet patterns on a blog that people were following as I had fallen behind (the way life catches up and takes over sometimes!) and I set down some intentions that I wanted to establish. I kept my list on my altar space and read it out loud daily.

Well the New Moon has arrived and I am pleased to say that I have managed most of my list…I have totally caught up with the crochet project, I have even managed to go past were I needed to as well so that is extremely good news and I succeeded with most of my intentions…I say most as I didn’t manage establish all of them so I will start again with today’s moon.

New Moon manifestions.

Try it for yourself this new moon and see what you CAN achieve!