Imbolc and Full Moon


How are you all? Well I hope!

Imbolc is here…well technically it is Imbolc eve as I write this. Time for the Earth to start to wake and get ready for Spring…however I don’t believe Winter has finished with us just yet!

Imbolc is a fire festival so I shall be having myself a fire (albeit a small one in the fire bowl instead of the fire pit because it’s too chuffing cold to be outside in the sideways hail we have today!)

I gathered my reeds this morning (again in the wind and sideways hailstones!) and have made my cross, this year I have made a 3 armed cross for Brigid as she is the Goddess of Healing, Poetry and Smithworking/Fire. I know most Brigid crosses have 4 arms but I read the blog of The Everliving Ones (can be found here) and it made sense so this year’s weaving has 3 arms.

It also has swan feathers collected from the birds at a local lake (with thanks) and I shall hang it above the threshold to our home for protection.

I saw a pair of stunning swans this morning while I was collecting my reeds…they really are beautiful birds aren’t they?

Today is also the full moon and the second one for this month, which many people will refer to it as a Blue Moon (and at time of writing about 15 minutes away from a total Lunar eclipse on the other side of the world-hmmph!) So Mother Moon definitely has it going on today!

Therefore along with my fire for Imbolc eve I will also be working some Full Moon stuff too.

With tomorrow being Imbolc and the festival of Brigid, to welcome her time of the year. The lands start to warm, earth is full of fertility as plants wait to burst forth, hardy sheep are lambing, or about to start, the signs of life are starting to show everywhere if you look, tomorrow I will have my altar set up for an small indoor ritual like the image below, a candle in some earth to warm it before I use it to start off some seeds for Spring.

Therefore tonight I will also give thanks to The Cailleach who rules the land for Winter, I have been drawn towards The Cailleach for some months now. She looks after the land during Winter when everything dies back but she is keeping the new life safe until it is time to come about as the wheel turns and we move towards Spring. Without death there can be no new life!

There are those that see The Cailleach and Brigid as two sides of the same Goddess and there are those who see them as separate, all depends on what legends you believe I suppose. At the moment I fall in the 2 separate Goddesses category because I haven’t learnt/been told by them differently as yet!

There is a legend that says if the weather is horrible on Feb 1st then Winter is nearly over as The Cailleach won’t go out in bad weather to collect her firewood, however if its a nice day then She/Winter has not finished for a while! Let’s see what the weather does tomorrow?

So yes, I will leave a wee nip of the good stuff out for Herself tonight as an offering of thanks, to warm her bones on a cold night methinks.

I would like to wish you well and a blessed Imbolc for tomorrow and enjoy any Full Moon activities you planned for tonight!




What a wonderfully bright, sunny and warm Spring day (well here in Liverpool, UK, anyway).

I decided that I needed some blossom branches to decorate my altar. So I grabbed my penknife, a bag as well as Wonder-dog and off we went to the local park.

In case you haven’t met Wonder-dog (he does go by other names too but that depends on what kind of mood he is in!),  here he is doing his regal sunbathing thing!

OK. …enough about the mutt, off we go to the park, getting a good dose of Vit D and I was thoroughly thrilled to see all the signs of the seasons changing, the wheel turning, everywhere things are bursting back into life!

From the ever cheerful daffodils

to wee beasties…granted I know it’s not a native but ladybirds still make me happy!

The number of different shades of green that can be found,

The daisies and dandelions that are flowering, essential pit stops for bees after winter,

That unmistakable aroma of the Flowering Currant, 

And the cheerful Forsythia and different blossoms,

From pretty wild primroses, 

to Blackthorn blossoms from which I will be able to gather sloes in Autumn.

All in all a gorgeous cheery stroll was had, my soul feels content with the sunshine, the flowers and the sounds of birds nest building or in the case of the local woodpecker…nest pecking!

And here are the blossoms I collected in situ on the altar,


It is here…Samhain is here, the air is charged and magick is afoot!

Samhain means ‘Summers End’ and marks the end of a Pagan’s year and the start of a new one.

The veil between the world we live and the world in which our ancestors live is at its thinnest making it the perfect time to honour them and invite them to join you in your celebration.

The death of the year, the dying of the plants are all part of the cycle of life, the wheel of the year, death in itself is a fact and therefore not to be feared. We acknowledge that on this day more than any other. Many Pagans believe that light follows darkness, that we cannot have the light without the dark so the new year starts with the dark part of the year and we move through it towards the light again.

There is the area of Paganism that acknowledges the Goddess in her Crone phase, there are witches whose deities are Heckate and Cerridwen,  again working with darkness, birth, death and rebirth. There are Druidic and Celtic ways of marking this day along with many others but the same theme runs through all of these practices, it marks the end of the old and the start of the new while honouring those who have come before.

As the veil is thinner it also allows easier passage for tricksome spirits and the Fae so to appease them you leave an offering of food, unsalted bread and a libation of one variety or another.

Alongside the loaf of bread I have made for our family, I have made a smaller unsalted one for the Fae,

I have my altar set for tonight, with photographs of my grandparents and my great aunts, uncles and great grandmother.

I may also have a fire outside tonight after I come back from a Samhain gathering in a local park. A simple ceremony I will do if I have a fire is to collect some small sticks from the park, write a simple word or phrase for something I want to get rid of, that I don’t want to take forward into the new year and then throw into the fire to be removed from my life.

This is what I wish for everyone I know and love today, may you have a wonderful and blessed Samhain!

Full Moon Wolf Moon

Full moon wolf moon

Full Moon Blessings

Hello again, here it is, the first full moon of 2016, known as the Wolf Moon!

I am all set, so is my altar, this time with an orb shaped candle, inscribed with a glyph representing the full moon, my clear crystals are out, I have smudged my area and I will perform my ritual later.  Whatever your plans for your full moon, blessings to you.

Here is some more information of the Wolf Moon courtesy of Goddess Rising 13 Moon Sisterhood;

Wild Sacred Blessings on this first Full Moon of 2016!

The name Wolf Moon comes from Indigenous Tribes of North America, who gave names to each of the moons, in relation to their qualities connected to nature and the seasons.

The Sacred Wolf Medicine, representing ‘Teacher’, great wisdom, wildness and inner freedom is beckoning our attention. Maybe you are already feeling it in your bones and are ready to dance and howl! This Wolf Moon reminds us the importance of expressing our heart’s truth and our wildness, to live feeling free.

Connected with Leo, this moon mirrors the importance of reflecting our light from within, discovering and sharing our greatest gifts, and expressing our creativity from authenticity to expand in true sovereignty, as Wild Queen!

This full moon also illuminates the shadows that need clearing / healing / transforming, which are often thoughts and beliefs preventing us from living in our wild sacred nature and our fullest potential.

First New Moon of 2016


Hello and good evening!

It is the first New Moon of 2016, new beginings abound.

I have written out a ritual for myself…it is my first and is how I intend to observe each new moon. As my journey progresses, my rituals may change as I work out what works for me and what doesn’t but this felt right as I worked it tonight.
As a New Moon is a time for putting plans in place for growth, I aired the house out earlier, I have re-potted some young house plants and top dressed others ready for them to wake slowly over the next few weeks.
I got my altar ready for this evening, my black candle has been inscribed with the sigil for a New Moon all the way down and I have my black stones of jet and obsidian on my altar too.

I have my manifestations that I want to achieve, this contains mainly personal things that I want to work on as the moon grows in her brightness and intensity. These I will read daily to re-affirm them as we journey towards the Full Moon.

It is while the moon is growing that I will work on my full Moon ritual and what I would like to release after the full moon as she wanes in her never-ending cycle.

Until next time, enjoy your New Moon!

Blessed Samhain

Samhain triskellion image

Blessed Samhain to you all!

Eeek…this is my first Samhain and I am just a bit excited.  I have a family meal bubbling away on the stove, I have baked some homemade bread rolls, there will be an extra place set for any visiting spirits, I have my altar decorated and I have the names of my ancestors (as I dont know where there are any photographs!).

I intend to plant some apple seeds and an acorn for the New Year and have a small fire to toast my ancestors and to release my wishes for the New Year into the Universe.

I have also got my pendulum out and may try some divination later considering that the veil is at its thinnest, all in all I am prepared to celebrate my first Samhain as a pagan and as a witch.  I wish you all a blessed Samhain and whatever your plans are, I hope you have a wonderful time, blessed be.

My samhain altar.
My first Samhain altar.