Hello there! Now, word of warning before you carry on reading, this post is about making poppets and the reason I made a poppet….and it wasn’t a love and light reason!

Poppets are generally people shaped dolls that can be made in the image of someone for a number of reasons, usually healing or hurting.

They are also often small cute girls as well as yummy sweets from my childhood – raisin poppets were the best!

The above is what Wikipedia has listed for poppets and there is more information to read here at The Crooked Crown.

Anyway, I wanted to make a poppet, someone had inflicted a lot of pain on my family over quite few years and it came to light a couple of years ago. I wanted to hurt this person a lot over the last 2 years but I wasn’t in the right place mentally and it would have been done in rage and anger, however with the benefit of time and counselling, making this poppet was being done in a clear headed and a fairly detached manner.

It was made from an insipid brown cotton to represent the insipidness, non descriptiveness of the banal individual who was the target.

I sewed it with black thread as I was working with my darker side.

As all evidence of this person has been removed from everyone’s life over the last few years so I didn’t have much to include therefore I used his full name and date of birth and a photographic image of his face. The poppet was then stuffed with pure wool so it would burn when I was finished with it (as I thought this would be best way to get rid once it use was no longer needed!)

As I sewed it together and stuffed it, his name and his crimes were spoken over and over.

And there you have it, a simple poppet made, I was all set to wake it up using breath and whisky but I didn’t….and I’m not sure why.

Did the act of making the poppet relieve the need for punishment or has it just been postponed? See, the person it represents has a degenerative condition and ‘may’ not live much longer, then again he might?

Either way, it is made now and should I feel the need, or the time is right I can wake it up and use it as I had planned.

Now some people won’t agree with this, some people believe in only working good/white magick, some people believe in ‘harm it non’ or the 3 fold law…..however I don’t.

I have a dark side, I acknowledge my dark side and I have worked hard on myself so that my dark side doesn’t rule me. But there are times when I believe it is right and justifiable to use methods and magick like this…..but as always it is a personal choice.