Hello all….its been a while since I have posted but life has a habit of doing that..taking over for one reason or another!

But anyway, here we are at Lammas Eve/August Eve and its time to celebrate the first harvest.

This is my attempt at weaving an 8 pointed wheel from wheat and lavender…its not the most perfect but I made it to hang above my altar with lavender from my own garden so I am happy! 

I am also going to make an Islay loaf (basically a fuit loaf) for tomorrow to share with the family and make a corn dolly…well wheat dolly that I can keep until Samhain and then return the seeds to the Earth.

The fire pit outside is ready to go after my evening meal where I will reflect on the bounties I do have and be grateful for them.

You can find some wonderful ideas for Lammas here if you are stick for what to do…but the one thing I have learnt over what is nearly a year now (wowsee..that has gone quick!) walking my pagan path, is you can do as little or as much as you like, dont pressure yourself!

Whatever your plans are, have a blessed Lammas! x