Blessed Ostara and a Happy Eostre

Good morning!  I would like to wish you all a wonderful blessed Ostara/Eostre, the sun is out where I am which is just helping with my happy feeling for the day!

Equal day and night

The days will start to get longer and (hopefully) warmer from here on it as the wheel continues to turn.

I hope you have a lovely day whatever your plans are!


Goddess Eostre




Daffs not St Patricks Day


Spring is springing and Ostara is only a few days away…it really is a wonderful time of the year. Everything is either sprouting or budding or in the case of daffodils already flowering and it is cheerful for my soul!


I dont normally celebrate St Patricks Day but now I am walking my Pagan path I am definitely not.
As you are aware St Patrick is credited with the driving out of snakes from Ireland. There are not, never have or will be any snakes in Ireland, the snakes were supposedly a metaphor for Pagans and Druids who frequently wore snake-like tattoos, it is these people and practices that he was supposed to have driven out of Ireland…but in reality he didnt succeed and many modern day Pagans deliberately wear a snake on this day to honor their ancestors.  Apparently Patrick was a British slave and was stolen by Irish pirates, he was then sent to Ireland by the Church to convert the Pagans, those he did succeed in converting then turned against other pagans and used his teachings with the ultimatum, convert or die! Nice!

Instead as it is such a wonderfully hazy sunny day here, I think I will take another walk with the dog and enjoy some more daffodils!




Good afternoon fellow magickal and pagan types…hope you are well?

I have just been out with the dog for his afternoon donder (walk) before I go back to work and it is stunning beautiful out there, compared to the heavy clouds and rain of this morning, the sun is out there is blue sky and the clouds are fair skipping along as there is quite a strong wind!

Blue sky and fast clouds

Perfect for cleansing yourself with air…just stand there and let the wind blow all around you and through you taking any worries, stresses and strains away, always helped by a bit of sunshine on your face while it happens.  While enjoying the sun and the wind I found 2 feathers in the park, one a lovely small white feather and the other a magnificent, albeit slightly damaged long black feather heavily coloured with green and tipped with purple…stunning feather it is so that was definitely coming home with me and is now sat on the altar.  Yet another air element!

Once home I wanted to do another meditation to carry on with opening of my third eye, so I lit some Dragons Blood incense, as the living room window was open allowing for some more air movement, the spirals that the incense smoke made was quite fascinating…considering that you cannot see air, you can only see how it affects other things, watching the smoke spirals was very theraputic and yet again fell into the category of air…so it would seem that today would be a good day to work air magick/spells or just generally cleanse yourself with the stuff!

Now that I feel suitable ‘cleansed’, it is unfortunately time for me to go back to work, so I wish you well until we meet again, x