The benefits of a windy day



It is quite breezy about here today (although other parts of the country are being battered about a bit more!) and I had to take the dog out for his lunchtime stroll before I go back to work.

I am still under a fair amount of stress at the moment but walking in the wind cheers me up.  The sun is out and there is a good wind blowing so with my face to the sun, I stood out on the grass and opened myself up to allow the wind to blow through and around me, taking with it some of the negativity that I am carrying.

It has helped a little (normally it would help more) and I do feel a bit lighter across my shoulders than I did before I took the dog out.

So if you are feeling a bit low, a bit weighed down with emotional stuff, go for a walk on a windy day and allow the healing power of Air to remove some negativity, can highly recommend it!



Stone Stack Shrines – mini altars to the Spirits of Place and Time.

Here is the latest post from Spiralling Leaf, yet again a great read, may have to try and make some of these myself!


I’ve found myself building more and more stone stack shrines these last few months, and some of that could be a reflection of what’s going on in my own life. Yet, I suspect that …

Source: Stone Stack Shrines – mini altars to the Spirits of Place and Time.

Mabon Blessings

Hello and Mabon blessings to each of you!

When I first got up and went to work for the first part of my day, I didn’t feel much like marking the turning of the wheel and celebrating Mabon. There is a fair amount of stress going on and no-one here is in a very good place…but while I was driving I got to thinking that regardless of what is happening personally, I really should do something to mark the equinox before we move into the darker part of the year.

So I decided that I would make an onion bread loaf to share with my family..

Turned out rather well and smells delicious might I add!

While the bread was proving I decided that I could decorate the twig tree in the front room with the orange ribbon that I had and some dried apple slices (after I made them!) so that was the next thing done…I seemed to be picking up Mabon momentum.

Hahaha….this close-up doesn’t do it justice, it honestly looks a lot better in real life and later when I put the little lights on, better again!

By now it was time to take Wonder-dog out for his walk, which was something else I wasn’t in the mood for, but as I know from experience generally means I really do need the walk in the fresh air and the trees so off we went, to a local park.

The sun was shining, the birds were being very vocal, the breeze was gently blowing loose leaves away from the trees…wearing their autumn finery..

I could literally feel the breeze gently removing some of my angst and my steps got lighter.

I spent a few minutes being amused at the scolding of a squirrel above me in the trees however I decided to leave  when it started dropping conkers at me.

After noticing the teeth marks on these conkers, this got me to think about Mabon being the second harvest and how its not just us humans who are foraging and ‘squirreling’ away produce for the leaner months.

Wonder-dog and I took an ever so slightly different direction than normal away from the park and I stumbled upon a crab apple tree laden down with fruit. After checking that the apples were ripe, I foraged some for a trial run of crab-apple jelly, I have never tasted it before so thought it was worth an experiment, especially as the tree had been placed before me.

This is the haul we came back with for the jelly experiement…tart little beggars these are so I dont believe any additional pectin will be needed to set this.

..and here is the mush straining, will cook it up and set it into jars tomorrow. I am surprised at the delicate pink colour to the liquid, really looking forward to tasting it!

So there you go…apparently even though I originally wasn’t going to mark the Solstice, turns out I did…maybe not in an elaborate manner but more of a personal, understated way..and I feel a lot better for it. Got to love the little gentle nudges you get to help you do something that ultimately makes you feel better!

Again, I wish you Mabon blessings as we move into the darker half of the year and may your second harvest be bountiful, x

Anglezarke Ambling Part 1

I have reposted this from a friends blog, he is a new friend and one that I find fascinating. His knowledge staggers me, so much so after a recent tree-lore walk done in his company, myself and another commented that due to the level of information in a head so young, it is believable that this is not his first time here!


A few years ago a conversation furnished me with knowledge of a neolithic site on moorland not too far from home, more importantly it told me where exactly it was. It then took me quite a while to …

Source: Anglezarke Ambling Part 1