Blessed Samhain

Samhain triskellion image

Blessed Samhain to you all!

Eeek…this is my first Samhain and I am just a bit excited.  I have a family meal bubbling away on the stove, I have baked some homemade bread rolls, there will be an extra place set for any visiting spirits, I have my altar decorated and I have the names of my ancestors (as I dont know where there are any photographs!).

I intend to plant some apple seeds and an acorn for the New Year and have a small fire to toast my ancestors and to release my wishes for the New Year into the Universe.

I have also got my pendulum out and may try some divination later considering that the veil is at its thinnest, all in all I am prepared to celebrate my first Samhain as a pagan and as a witch.  I wish you all a blessed Samhain and whatever your plans are, I hope you have a wonderful time, blessed be.

My samhain altar.
My first Samhain altar.



Even if its only 30 minutes…I love spending time outside in the fresh air and having our dog has made me realise this. We only got him in January, he was in a shelter and we saw his picture online, we saw him that day and made the decision to adopt him. He has issues, most rescue dogs will but the pleasure he has brought to us as a family is beyond measure and it thanks to him that little snippets of Mother Natures brilliance -like this picture-show themselves to me and anyone else willing to stop for a few and look.

Balance and all facets of me

Everything in life is about balance

Balance, light and dark, night and day, black and white, Yin and Yang etc.

There is a need for balance in all things, this I know.

Since starting on my path, there has been a lot of self study.  I can honestly say that I am calmer and generally happier and at peace with myself.  During this, I have become aware of the sides of me that I dont really like but I know I have to acknowledge all aspects of myself.

 I was reminded of this when I caught myself doing something that was quite petty and childish recently, I have some personality traits that I am not to proud of like pettiness, jealousy, spitefulness and being judgemental.

Here is the good, here is the bad.

However…..the fact that I am aware of these traits, that they exist in me and how I can sometimes act on them, I have removed some of their power.  That I can now notice when I am acting or feeling one of these emotions means that I can stop myself from being too much of a bitch.

I don’t think a person can always be full of light and goodness, there is good and bad, light and dark in all of us and that by looking for, acknowledging and recognising this part of ourselves in turn makes us a better person in how we relate to and treat others…….but then this is just my opinion.

Light and Dark