Autumn colour.

Wow…..I have gone and done it, I have made a blog where I can record all my waffle and musings and stuff that I find and discover whilst walking this new and exciting path.  I cant say I have chosen this path, I think it was chosen for me and has always been there but I have finally noticed and listened and made the decision to start walking.

As for most people I think it will be a very personal path and I am looking forward to it very much, I think there has been something missing for a while now and once I made the decision to start walking, the sense of calm and ‘rightness’ that I have felt over the last few weeks has been amazing!

I was raised in a non-conformist Church of England family, my maternal grandparents very much church, in fact they were founding members of their chapel, we went to Sunday school but as I got older this became less important to me and it wasn’t forced upon me to go.  As a child you dont really question why, just accept that it is but as technology and science and information became more accessible as I grew the more I believed in evolution as opposed to creationism, so the church didn’t sit right anymore or should I say the right and wrong as decreed by the Church didn’t sit right anymore, so much hate and destruction done in the name of ‘God’ across a lot of faiths, how can that be right?

I had always had an ‘inner hippy’ and my soul chose another soul just like mine to fall in love with, marry and have two beautiful children with, there has always been a sense of ‘rightness’ when in old sacred places, stone rings, burial mounds and the like and I have always fancied that it was speaking to the Celtic parts of my ancestry (Irish and Welsh) but maybe it was my inner voice telling me that I needed to listen and to go back to something much more ancient and natural.

Earlier this year we got a dog in an effort to help boost my feelings of worth and confidence by helping with some weight loss ( I was carrying a LOT of weight).  The change this dog of ours, that we adopted from a shelter, has made to us as a family is profound, the family time has improved, the outside time has been a balm to my soul and this in turn is what I think has helped me make the decision to start walking my pagan path, the turning of the seasons etc.

Our daughters at 7 and 8 (and a half!), are fascinated by what I am doing, how I am changing how I look at stuff, the practices that I want to put into place, in fact my name Witchosity, is what they call it when mummy is doing stuff!  My husband fully backs my decision (being of a similar nature), he may not walk every step with me but he is interested in how I feel and what discoveries I make so at least I know I can talk about it with him.

The fact that the Autumn Equinox/Mabon is only 2 days away was fundamental in my decision to write this blog as this will be my first Sabbat…or is it Esbat – (see a lot to learn!) and I am beyond excited, I have some ideas of how I am going to celebrate/honor it but that will be another post.

Anyway, that is enough of an introduction from me, I am off out to walk the dog as there is a gap in the rain, time to make the most of it, be back soon…….and if anyone but me reads this, hi!