Litha Summer Solstice

Hello, Solstice blessings to you all and to any readers in the Southern Hemisphere, Yule blessings to you!

I am sat in the yarden here, watching the bees go absolutely bonkers for these purple flowers that have grown,

..these flowers are classed a green manure as they can be dug back into the soil to fertilise it, I think they take the nitrogen in the air and convert it into nitrates…plant food! Anyway  now I am waffling!

I always love the feeling of the Summer Solstice, no matter what the weather is doing. Currently the sun is out, it’s very warm and humid and there are big fat raindrops hitting me as I type this…got to love UK weather!

I have made a lemon drizzle cake as a nod to the Solstice (as well as today’s loaf of bread – although why I decided to stand by the oven for a couple of hours on one of the warmest days of the year I don’t know!)

So while I am waiting for the bread to cook and the cake to cool, I am out here admiring the flowers and the bees and just pondering on the Solstice, the gentle run down towards Autumn and Winter will start, the flowers and fruits will continue to grow and bloom, the insects will carry on doing their buzzy thing and the wheel keeps turning.

Tonight, once the kids are in bed (after they have had some sunshiney lemon cake of course!) I think I will come sit outside, light some candles and just breathe,  quietly contemplating. That is the kind of mood I am in for this Solstice so will just go with it.

What ever your plans are, I wish you a truly blessed Solstice and a thoroughly enjoyable one, x


Winter Solstice and a Blessed Yule

Hello, wishing you a blessed Yule on this Winter Solstice!

Blessed Yule

I am so excited, there is a Pagan Moot happening tonight, a Yule social gathering of a local Pagan group and I am able to go to this moot, I have missed the others due to a lack of childminding, however that is sorted for this evening which means I get to go to my first moot and meet some other Pagans, in real life, not on the internet!!  Plus it is the solstice, the start of a new Solar year, the sun will make a return from tomorrow, the days will start to get longer and the earth will start to warm slowly, there is still some cold weather to come but the wheel is turning and life will start to come back.

There are so many different paths and different ways to celebrate the solstice but I have chosen to light a big gold candle to represent the sun and leave it burning on my altar all day, I have been making bread, both for my family and to take to the social tonight, now that it is dark I am going to light a fire and burn my small Yule log as well and with it a releasing sachet.

You can find the instructions on how to make your own releasing sachet here, my sachet will contain lavender and sage as well as small notes about what I want to release, things like negative thoughts about myself, to turn things like limitations into possibilities, inaction into action and such like and it will be burnt in my Yule fire.  I also have a sprig of Holly to throw on the flame as it is reputed to burn away your troubles from this last year bringing a fresh start to the New Year.

As I said there are many paths and many practices, ways of honoring and celebrating, many traditions but these are what I have decided to use for my first Winter Solstice/Yule as a Pagan, this may change as I become more confident in my belief and my path, I would be interested in hearing how you plan to/how you did mark the occasion if you do!

In the meantime, have a blessed Yule and may the sun shine on you and yours in the coming year, x


Missed the New Moon!

New Moon

Afternoon on a very dark, wet and windy Saturday!

I am now warm and dry and in my PJ’s again after getting thoroughly soaked walking the dog earlier and it was while I was out I realised that I had missed last nights New Moon!

Now since I started to walk my path I have observed each New Moon and set my intentions for the following weeks and have achieved some of them each month too, which is a wonderful feeling, so feel that setting intentions works (well for me anyway!)

But I missed last nights moon…for a moment I panicked but then thought ‘No, there is no need to panic, I am not obligated to observe each New Moon or set intentions on each one’.  I could have found some intentions to set if I had to but with Yule coming up and getting ready for Christmas with my husband the little ladies as well as the bigger family I think my month will be pretty full so as long as I continue to do my best daily then I think my Goddess will be fine with me.

Did you observe the New Moon and set any intentions this time?