The benefits of a windy day



It is quite breezy about here today (although other parts of the country are being battered about a bit more!) and I had to take the dog out for his lunchtime stroll before I go back to work.

I am still under a fair amount of stress at the moment but walking in the wind cheers me up.  The sun is out and there is a good wind blowing so with my face to the sun, I stood out on the grass and opened myself up to allow the wind to blow through and around me, taking with it some of the negativity that I am carrying.

It has helped a little (normally it would help more) and I do feel a bit lighter across my shoulders than I did before I took the dog out.

So if you are feeling a bit low, a bit weighed down with emotional stuff, go for a walk on a windy day and allow the healing power of Air to remove some negativity, can highly recommend it!



What a windy day!


Oh my…what a windy day it is out there….I love walking on windy days!
I love how the wind wraps around you and seems to fill you up…exciting everything inside you…mixing it all up and filling it with energy! Makes me feel like standing tall on something and laughing!


If you are an air witch…, this must be a great time to work with your element…all that raw power!


The sound of the wind as it blows through the trees…the difference in the sound depending on whether the trees are in leaf or not…elemental music!


I have been indoors for a while now but I still feel all buzzy inside from earlier when I took the dog out.

Stay safe in the high winds we have at the moment…but enjoy the energy they bring too!