Darkest Winter…time to slow down.

It’s Winter, the time of the year where everything slows down….including us humans!

It might not seem like it with it being the ‘party’ season, thankfully I no longer work in an occupation where this partying is necessary, I now move at a slower pace and I think this is because I am spending more time outside in Nature and I am tuning into the seasons more (and nothing to do with feeling older!)

This time of year, as we approach the Winter Solstice, the dark is taking up more and more of the day, the need to be warm and cosy is uppermost, the lighting of fires, candles and snuggling under warm blankets! It may seem like there is a lot of Winter left to go but if you take a few moments to look about when outside you can see the promise of more light, warmer temperatures and life waiting to burst forth.
All the trees have baby buds, ready to swell and send out new greenery..

But stop….take a moment and look, there is still so much to see.

The small winter birds are in abundance, making the most of the berries and hips still on the bushes, the evergreens (as it says on the tin!) are still wonderfully green, now all the leaves have fallen you can see the wonderful shape of the trees..

there are even some winter flowers starting to come out, like this winter flowering cherry…

Go with the season, take things slower, enjoy the darkness for the Winter Solstice approaches bringing it with it, the return of the sun! Solstice blessings to you all, x


Sound of Silence

Seed heads and blue sky.

Hello again, two posts in the same day…go me!

I went for a walk today, to the woods.  I wanted to go the other day but couldn’t because I had to wait in for a parcel (that didn’t arrive might I add but that is a different story!) and I felt bereft deep in my soul, very disappointed.  So today I got to put this right, I needed to spend time amongst the trees so I took the dog and off we went…it was bliss!

Fergus my walking buddy.

(Here is Fergus..my walking buddy!)

Sunlight in the woods.

How can this NOT be good for your soul?

Anyway, I walking along, through all the trees, marvelling at the way the vistas open up as the trees become more and more bare, you can see all the little details and new things now the leaves aren’t covering everything, like the way the low sun slants across the bark of a big Oak tree.

Sunlit oak bark

While walking along, I could feel all the tension slip out of my shoulders and my breathing become deeper and more relaxed,  I met another dog walker.  She stopped to talk and said to me that she hadn’t been to these woods in many a year and wasn’t it quiet?

It was only after we had parted ways I started thinking that the woods were not quiet…I could hear the wind blowing gently through the branches of the nearly bare trees, I could hear the soft rustle of the leaves as they fluttered to the ground and moved along in that giddy dance they do, I could hear the winter birds flitting from tree to bush and I could also hear a squirrel scold Fergus for disturbing it as it ran up a nearby tree, so no the woods were not quiet, I could hear Mother Nature lulling everything into a sleep for Winter…….because I have tuned my ear into her.

Where does this path in the trees lead?