Serenity and timeout.


This picture may look a bit dull and grey but it was in fact quite a mild and warm walk.
This is taken looking up while I do my usual and spend time underneath what I have called my Serenity Tree. It is a big Oak that is in my local park, it has a lovely shelf on its trunk which is the perfect height for me to rest my rump on whilst leaning against the tree and having some timeout.

The grey asky wasn’t quite as dark as it looks here but the sun was a bright spot in the grey and I was fascinated by the amazing number of little round bobbles on the ends of all the twigs and branches, each bobble getting ready to burst open with new leaves…too numerous to count!

I love spending time under this Oak, the dog has got used to me taking timeout here, he usually joins in and has a few minutes chilling out too as you can see!


After resting a while and thinking, I always thank ‘my’ Oak and give it a hug.

Do you have a favourite tree where you like to rest a while and think?