Vernal Equinox

It has arrived…..the Vernal Equinox and in turn Spring! Although by the weather I have had today you wouldn’t think so.

But this is it…the balance will now tip towards daylight over darkness, the earth is warming (and hopefully the weather too!) things are growing new life is being born…it really is a great part of the year.

Above is my Equinox altar with some of my plants from outside, a candle in my Mother Earth statue and some pastel coloured crystals, rosee quartz, celestine,  clear quartz and fluorite. 

I am off out to my regular monthly moot tonight but decided to have a little ceremony with my family.

We got 4 plant pots, grabbed the last 4 eggs in the house. Each of us wrote on our egg what we would like to manifest over the next few months, buried the egg in some soil in the pots and then planted some sunflower seeds on top. As our plants grow, our intenting should manifest and grow with our plants while the eggs nourish the plants.

It has been an unbelievable hard 9 months for those in this house but we have weathered the worst of the storm and we are moving forward together with renewed hope. This was done as part of our family healing so keep your fingers crossed!

Whatever your plans for this Equinox have been/are, I wish you the best of blessings from my family to you and yours, x



What a wonderfully bright, sunny and warm Spring day (well here in Liverpool, UK, anyway).

I decided that I needed some blossom branches to decorate my altar. So I grabbed my penknife, a bag as well as Wonder-dog and off we went to the local park.

In case you haven’t met Wonder-dog (he does go by other names too but that depends on what kind of mood he is in!),  here he is doing his regal sunbathing thing!

OK. …enough about the mutt, off we go to the park, getting a good dose of Vit D and I was thoroughly thrilled to see all the signs of the seasons changing, the wheel turning, everywhere things are bursting back into life!

From the ever cheerful daffodils

to wee beasties…granted I know it’s not a native but ladybirds still make me happy!

The number of different shades of green that can be found,

The daisies and dandelions that are flowering, essential pit stops for bees after winter,

That unmistakable aroma of the Flowering Currant, 

And the cheerful Forsythia and different blossoms,

From pretty wild primroses, 

to Blackthorn blossoms from which I will be able to gather sloes in Autumn.

All in all a gorgeous cheery stroll was had, my soul feels content with the sunshine, the flowers and the sounds of birds nest building or in the case of the local woodpecker…nest pecking!

And here are the blossoms I collected in situ on the altar,

Blessed Ostara and a Happy Eostre

Good morning!  I would like to wish you all a wonderful blessed Ostara/Eostre, the sun is out where I am which is just helping with my happy feeling for the day!

Equal day and night

The days will start to get longer and (hopefully) warmer from here on it as the wheel continues to turn.

I hope you have a lovely day whatever your plans are!


Goddess Eostre



Blessed Imbolc

Waking up.

Wishing you all a Blessed Imbolc!  Spring is just around the corner…I know it has been a very mild Winter (here in the UK anyway), very very wet but stupidly mild, but it will be nice to move into the next season as The Wheel turns again.

The Goddess is waking up and the sign are all around us, peeking out here and there.  Here are some of my photographs taken yesterday and today whilst out walking;

Yellow blossom.

Early yellow tree blossom

Yellow Gorse.

Flowering golden Gorse

Nurtured bulbs.

Nurturing the flowering bulbs

Yellow crocus.

Single golden crocus

Pale Primrose.

Delicate Primrose

Brighid (often pronounced Breed), the Celtic Goddess of Fire, the young, midwifery, poetry and arts, is tied into Imbolc too.  She is often worshipped as a triple Goddess, as the Maiden aspect, she is a daughter of The Morrighan.  Her animals are both the Wolf and the Swan.

Brighid’s Cross is a representation of a Fire symbol and I have woven my own, the first attempt with grasses didnt work but the next attempt with large blades of grass did, here is a picture of my cross hanging above my altar..I decorated it with 3 swan feathers that I found in the park…perfect timing yesterday when found.

Brighid's Cross.

My first woven cross.

Imbolc is about the coming of Spring, the Earth warming after the cold and dark of Winter and things beginning to grow, the lighter mornings and brighter days.  Of all the early flowering bulbs, the snowdrop represents Imbolc as it is usually one of the first to brave the cold and poke it head above ground, here are my snowdrops, planted late was trying its best to flower for Imbolc;

My snowdrops.

To mark honour both Imbolc and Brighid, today I had baked a plaited loaf, if the weather hadnt been quite so breezy (what with storm Henry!) I would have had a small fire outside so instead I have lit a lots of candles whilst saying aloud

Candle, candle, burning bright

Winter’s halfway done tonight

With a-glowing, we are knowing

Spring will come again.

elemental candles.

Earth (green), Fire (orange), Water (blue) and Air (white)

Just four of the candles lit in my home tonight, I also symbolically warmed the Earth by having a bowl of soil on my altar with a tealight in it, once the tealight has burnt down, I will use the ‘warmed’ earth to top dress a potted plant outside.

Altar for Imbolc.

My Imbolc Altar.

Wishing you the brightest of blessings, until we meet again, x