Hello December 

Here we are, the last month of the calendar year, moving quickly towards the shortest day and longest night!

It has been cold where I am but no snow yet like the above image.

Below are some of the photos I took today when I took the dog out, thankfully we were out in the sunny middle part of the day and I love the low angle of the sun and the colour temperature of the light it gives off.

Back lit moss showing off the delicate texture 

I love the shape of this long dead sentinel still at its post.

Side lit texture of my favourite Oak, while standing beneath it’s great boughs.

The view from my favourite speck under ‘my’ Oak!

And this is it, still wearing his golden cloak of leaves.

I have tried to capture an image of this tree from the same spot in each season, I will have to find them all for another post!

As the first image says, it’s a new page, in a new chapter, ready to be written on in your book of life, make of it what you will, just make sure that there is room for fun in there too! x


Snow Moon

A blessed Snow Moon to you all!


Isnt this image just wonderful and this one…


However…this is my pic of tonights full moon…


…although I did also capture Jupiter in the same shot, its the teeny tiny bright spec diagonally bottom left from the moon!

Have you been up to anything interesting lately, I decided to make a Goddess statue to hold a tealight, there are some beautiful ones available online but I decided to nick/borrow the eldest’s block of clay and make my own.
She may look like something early man might have made but I think she is beautiful, she came to life as she was being made and her Goddess-ness became apparent…well to me anyway!

Signing off for now, enjoy your full moon energies and will be back soon, x