Grey mizzly rainy days

Hi, how are you all?

Samhain is nearly here and I am starting to get excited, there is an energy building and I can feel it. I haven’t had lot to get excited about recently but I can feel the anticipation in the air!

Anyway back to grey mizzly days….it was time to take the dog out for his walk so we went to one of the two local parks by where we live. I prefer this park to the other more popular one, it has a slightly more wild untamed unmanicured feel to it, it calls to me more.

Once inside the park (even with it being an inner-city park) the sound of local traffic drifts away, Mother Nature is wearing her soft grey cloak muffling all sound and muting her glorious Autumn colour palette,

Her cloak decorated everything it touched, from making leaves appear like they have been varnished,

to berries and hips being polished,

to some leaves and the blades of grass all bedecked in their diamonds,

The only sounds I can hear are  the gentle peeps of small winter birds and the steady drips from the wet leaves still attached to their trees.

A bit further around our walk I got to spend time with my favourite Oak (the one the dog managed to tie me to last time).

You can see that he is beginning to change his greenery for yellows and browns and standing under his magnificent boughs you could hear the different drips and see the leaves bounce with each drop, like the keys of a piano being played.

We carried on (after thanking the Oak for allowing me to spend time with him by tidying up any litter left beneath his great spread) I laughed at the antics of local squirrels  doing their stuff with the autumnal abundance, much to the annoyance of my canine companion!

The carpets of golds and browns that were laid out for all to stroll through brighten the dullest of tarmac surfaces

All in all, a soul soothing stroll hardly meeting another soul, thoughts wandering to the turning of the wheel, the seasons, the darker part of the year approaching and to Samhain – sheer bliss.

Do you have plans for Samhain, are you prepared already?

Whatever your plans, I wish you a blessed Samhain!

Talk to you again soon, x


One of my favourite things to do

Happy 1st June to you all…this year is just fair skipping by isn’t it?

Thought I would share with you, one of my favourite things to do when its just me walking the dog.
In one of my local parks there is a Labyrinth cut into the grass in a quiet spot of the park…here it is.


When I dont have the kids with me I can walk this in peace! Anywhere else in the park, the dog barely stays with me but in this bit he sticks quite close, I feel be knows that I am in a different place when walking the Labyrinth so he doesn’t disappear, when I get to the center (and if its dry enough!) I like to sit and try to meditate. At this point the dog normally sits close by to watch over me…this is him sat right behind this morning..


Sometimes however, watching over me looks like this..


Sitting down on the grass, with the ‘walls’ of the Labyrinth at eye level..



…listening to the buzz of insects going about their daily lives, the songs of birds in the trees and the sound of the trees rustling in the breeze, its very easy to forget I am in an inner-city park and I can reach a place that leaves me feeling….blissed out is the phrase that comes to mind.

By way of a thank you for the time spent at peace in the Labyrinth I tend to collect litter and dog poo as I walk the spiral back out again, there is always litter and dog poo in the Labyrinth much to my annoyance but its a public park so I can only do my bit! Here are today’s finds….not a big collection today!


After leaving the Labyrinth I feel taller, more upright and lighter…it really is good for my soul spending time in there.
If possible I then like to go and visit my serenity tree, the big Oak further round the park.


It really is a magnificent Oak, I always ask permission to approach before I walk under its boughs and I will place my hand against its trunk. I usually then ask if I can hug it, if I get a positive feeling then hugging this wonderful tree is again good for me and I would like to say the tree benefits too. I can ground myself and the feelings I get while under the boughs of the tree cant really be put into words, I cant describe it and do it justice but take a look at these shady boughs…



So now, feeling totally relaxed, lighter and more at ease I then get the pleasure of seeing the wild roses and the very happy bumble bees staggering laden down with pollen from one rose to another…all the bushes were alive with happy buzzing!




Walking the dog in this particular park really is one of my favourite things because I get quality zen time with Mother Nature!