The benefits of a windy day



It is quite breezy about here today (although other parts of the country are being battered about a bit more!) and I had to take the dog out for his lunchtime stroll before I go back to work.

I am still under a fair amount of stress at the moment but walking in the wind cheers me up.  The sun is out and there is a good wind blowing so with my face to the sun, I stood out on the grass and opened myself up to allow the wind to blow through and around me, taking with it some of the negativity that I am carrying.

It has helped a little (normally it would help more) and I do feel a bit lighter across my shoulders than I did before I took the dog out.

So if you are feeling a bit low, a bit weighed down with emotional stuff, go for a walk on a windy day and allow the healing power of Air to remove some negativity, can highly recommend it!