Earlier on today, I was reading one of those posts you find on FB, what the meanings are when you suddenly find/see these animals….one of those listed was a Dragonfly. Anyway read the article and that was that.

I then took the dog out for walk in one of our local parks, strolling along happily looking at the plants in the ornamental borders (wondering if any had gone to seed that I could possible harvest *whistles innocently)

The next moment I am literally dive bombed by a beautiful neon blue dragonfly, but not just once-repeatedly!

I carried on with the dog and there were more, the same size, shape and colour.

And each time I saw one, it made a point of flying close and making sure it was seen. It was at this point I decided to go and read up on what the symbolism of the dragonfly was as there was and definite ‘notice me’ vibe being given off so I acknowledged the mesage and carried on with the dog.

They really are beautiful and stunning creatures!


Aha moments!

Hello again!

Last night I had a very unusual dream and I asked for help/guidance on the dream, here is what I wrote;

Ok….anyone good with dreams? Last night I woke up after this dream and lay awake for a bit trying to move the details into my memory so that I could ask you all in the morning (the pencil by my bed for some reason doesnt work – how can a pencil not work??)
I was walking though Childwall Woods,( it felt in my dream like it was on or near the solstice?) and reached the clear area in the middle by the bridge, there was a large group of people gathered all wearing robes and there was music playing, these people were working/dancing/talking in smaller groups. I was walking through and around, looking but not joining in-yet when I stopped to talk to a man who I felt was ‘in charge’ As we were about to discuss what I could join in with I felt the urge to turn around and look towards an opening in the trees and I said ‘She is coming….’ then woke up!
Any ideas please?

I had several replies but the one that stood out the most was this;

Instinctively I feel this: The woods are a sign of being lost BUT you recognised the wood so it’s not a bad thing, more like confusion. The lots of people doing lots of things and you not feeling quite able to join in or choose a path supports this. Instinctively you recognise leaders but are unsure what you need to surrender to follow them. The gap in the woods is your true path. “She” could be either divine inspiration or a person bringing you a glimpse of enlightenment about finding your own way. She is not literally gender specific as a he could be bringing enlightenment from a female spirit /deity. Hope this helps but if I’m miles off that’s okay, but I’d appreciate feedback.

After the children had gone to bed I decided to burn some incense and meditate with a candle and it was during this meditation I had my ‘Aha!’ moment.

I was sat on the floor and my candle was at eye height, I was talking to the Goddess, explaining my lack of faith in my decisions, by going ‘Pagan’. ‘Am I doing it right?’ etc, this is what confuses me the most which is why the above resposne to my dream struck a chord, my lack of belief in myself does make me feel confused as I am still very new to this and it can be overwhelming!

While I was talking I noticed that the flame of the candle I was meditating with wasn’t flickering like the other candles were, but as I watched the flame there was a slight wave across the flame and this was my WOW moment.

The flame is not the 2 dimensional shape it looks like, rather it the same shape all around, it looks the same from each and every direction, no matter what angle you looked at the flame, you saw the same shape, that perfect little teardrop shape.

I turned the candle around while I pondered on this, my Aha moment.  My Goddess was telling me that no matter which path, which direction, how you travel your path – your choice of honoring, of worship, ritualistic, eclectic, personal, it doesn’t matter!  Just walk your path, it is your path alone, no wrong, no right, basically as it has been said ‘There are many paths up the mountain’. The destination (and the view) will be the same from any and all directions.

I just need to believe AND do what feels right for me – not the first time I have been gently guided to the particular realisation, I just need to remember it when my self doubt creeps back in!

There is not one path.