Wishing to you a blessed Imbolc!
The wheel is turning, the sun is gaining strength and starting to warm the earth, life is starting to show itself again.

With personal trials and tribulations lately, making the effort to mark Imbolc felt like a chore today, one I really couldn’t be bothered with – I did after all have a birthday cake to make in between driving shifts! However, it would have annoyed me if I didn’t make the effort so I did…..and I am glad I did.

I decided to plant some seeds, in reality as well as planting some new ones/ideas for the coming year.

I cut down some loo roll tubes to make mini plant pots (that will break down when planted out) to start some seeds off early indoors.

I have so many saved seeds that it was just a lucky dip as to which envelopes got picked!

As the sun starts to warmth the earth, I wanted represent this on my altar by having candle in some earth symbolically warming….but managed to smash my lovely glass dish!

Impressed I wasn’t! 

This is what I came up with instead…

The candle will still warm the earth and then I can plant something up with the earth tomorrow. 

With Imbolc traditionally being a Fire festival I wanted a small fire tonight too, I thought I could have some self examination, plant new seeds of personal growth and shed what doesn’t serve me, so I wrote out 4 of each option, positive aspects I want to nurture and grow and negative aspects that I wanted rid of,  thinking that if I throw them in the fire, my wishes will be consummed by the flames and and carried on the breeze.

It’s been too long since I have had a fire out the back, it’s only a small fire bowl bit it’s plenty big enough to get a flame (and a smoke) fix!

I love this image…..I can see a bird!

It’s the letter K in this one!

Once the flames die down,  I love the play of light as the breeze moves over the embers, almost like there are invisible flames dancing.. 

Suitable smoked (don’t you just love the smell of wood smoke?) I came indoors for something to eat and to light the candles on my altar…

I am now sat here writing this post, (being squashed by the dog!) feeling glad that I made the effort to acknowledge the turning of the wheel as we move closer to a season change. 

So as this evening draws to a close, I hope you have had a lovely Imbolc if you mark it and may the sun continue to warmth the earth and signs of Spring continue to show!


Blessed Imbolc

Waking up.

Wishing you all a Blessed Imbolc!  Spring is just around the corner…I know it has been a very mild Winter (here in the UK anyway), very very wet but stupidly mild, but it will be nice to move into the next season as The Wheel turns again.

The Goddess is waking up and the sign are all around us, peeking out here and there.  Here are some of my photographs taken yesterday and today whilst out walking;

Yellow blossom.

Early yellow tree blossom

Yellow Gorse.

Flowering golden Gorse

Nurtured bulbs.

Nurturing the flowering bulbs

Yellow crocus.

Single golden crocus

Pale Primrose.

Delicate Primrose

Brighid (often pronounced Breed), the Celtic Goddess of Fire, the young, midwifery, poetry and arts, is tied into Imbolc too.  She is often worshipped as a triple Goddess, as the Maiden aspect, she is a daughter of The Morrighan.  Her animals are both the Wolf and the Swan.

Brighid’s Cross is a representation of a Fire symbol and I have woven my own, the first attempt with grasses didnt work but the next attempt with large blades of grass did, here is a picture of my cross hanging above my altar..I decorated it with 3 swan feathers that I found in the park…perfect timing yesterday when found.

Brighid's Cross.

My first woven cross.

Imbolc is about the coming of Spring, the Earth warming after the cold and dark of Winter and things beginning to grow, the lighter mornings and brighter days.  Of all the early flowering bulbs, the snowdrop represents Imbolc as it is usually one of the first to brave the cold and poke it head above ground, here are my snowdrops, planted late was trying its best to flower for Imbolc;

My snowdrops.

To mark honour both Imbolc and Brighid, today I had baked a plaited loaf, if the weather hadnt been quite so breezy (what with storm Henry!) I would have had a small fire outside so instead I have lit a lots of candles whilst saying aloud

Candle, candle, burning bright

Winter’s halfway done tonight

With a-glowing, we are knowing

Spring will come again.

elemental candles.

Earth (green), Fire (orange), Water (blue) and Air (white)

Just four of the candles lit in my home tonight, I also symbolically warmed the Earth by having a bowl of soil on my altar with a tealight in it, once the tealight has burnt down, I will use the ‘warmed’ earth to top dress a potted plant outside.

Altar for Imbolc.

My Imbolc Altar.

Wishing you the brightest of blessings, until we meet again, x