Earlier on today, I was reading one of those posts you find on FB, what the meanings are when you suddenly find/see these animals….one of those listed was a Dragonfly. Anyway read the article and that was that.

I then took the dog out for walk in one of our local parks, strolling along happily looking at the plants in the ornamental borders (wondering if any had gone to seed that I could possible harvest *whistles innocently)

The next moment I am literally dive bombed by a beautiful neon blue dragonfly, but not just once-repeatedly!

I carried on with the dog and there were more, the same size, shape and colour.

And each time I saw one, it made a point of flying close and making sure it was seen. It was at this point I decided to go and read up on what the symbolism of the dragonfly was as there was and definite ‘notice me’ vibe being given off so I acknowledged the mesage and carried on with the dog.

They really are beautiful and stunning creatures!