Hello December 

Here we are, the last month of the calendar year, moving quickly towards the shortest day and longest night!

It has been cold where I am but no snow yet like the above image.

Below are some of the photos I took today when I took the dog out, thankfully we were out in the sunny middle part of the day and I love the low angle of the sun and the colour temperature of the light it gives off.

Back lit moss showing off the delicate texture 

I love the shape of this long dead sentinel still at its post.

Side lit texture of my favourite Oak, while standing beneath it’s great boughs.

The view from my favourite speck under ‘my’ Oak!

And this is it, still wearing his golden cloak of leaves.

I have tried to capture an image of this tree from the same spot in each season, I will have to find them all for another post!

As the first image says, it’s a new page, in a new chapter, ready to be written on in your book of life, make of it what you will, just make sure that there is room for fun in there too! x


Missed the New Moon!

New Moon

Afternoon on a very dark, wet and windy Saturday!

I am now warm and dry and in my PJ’s again after getting thoroughly soaked walking the dog earlier and it was while I was out I realised that I had missed last nights New Moon!

Now since I started to walk my path I have observed each New Moon and set my intentions for the following weeks and have achieved some of them each month too, which is a wonderful feeling, so feel that setting intentions works (well for me anyway!)

But I missed last nights moon…for a moment I panicked but then thought ‘No, there is no need to panic, I am not obligated to observe each New Moon or set intentions on each one’.  I could have found some intentions to set if I had to but with Yule coming up and getting ready for Christmas with my husband the little ladies as well as the bigger family I think my month will be pretty full so as long as I continue to do my best daily then I think my Goddess will be fine with me.

Did you observe the New Moon and set any intentions this time?