Walking the Labyrinth.


Last week I went back to work after 3 months off for mental health reasons.

As I was off, I was walking the girls to school and back with the dog which meant I didn’t visit this particular park much over the last 3 months….which is a shame!

By not visiting this park meant I haven’t walked the Labyrinth that is cut into the grass here. I like to walk this labyrinth in a walking meditation, there is always more bird song here, there is always a lovely breeze and I find peace here. Funnily enough, this is the only part of the park where the dog guards me properly, he is never far away when I walk the Spiral and when I reach the center he insists on being right by my side…he only moves away when I start to walk outwards.

The Labyrinth is set out in the style above.

The feeling I have upon leaving the Labyrinth is wonderful, like any and all weight that I have been carrying has been taken from me…I feel so light!

By way of a thank you, as I walk outwards I always collect litter and dog muck…I know to most in the park it’s just another field but to me it means a lot so if I can help tidy it for the next person then it’s the least I can do, compared to what it does for me!

I need to make a finger labyrinth as above for when I can’t get to the park..this way I can do a bit of meditation at home while my finger walks the labyrinth. I just need to get some clay (and not nick it off the kids!)

So in short, I need to spend quality time with and for myself, I hope you do too! x


2 thoughts on “Walking the Labyrinth.

  1. Thank you for sharing so happy you are back to,your happy place. I didn’t realize until I saw your drawings of the Labrinth that it resembles our brains.


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